Nuclear Consulting

For our Nuclear Consulting clients

We provide: Probabilistic Risk assessment, reactor design, consulting on fast reactors, safety analysis and licensing consulting & design reviews

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Technology Development and Space Systems

For our Technology Development and Space Systems clients

We provide: Detection of Weapons of mass destruction, advanced reactor conceptual design and analysis...

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Business Process and Systems Engineering

For our Business Process and Systems Engineering clients

We provide: Requirements analysis, business process improvement, systems engineering consulting for hardware, software, communications systems...

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Welcome to The Cameron Group

We are a dedicated team of industry professionals in the nuclear and space system fields who have worked with firms such as Toshiba, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, and Pratt and Whitney. We offer consulting services for nuclear and space systems technology programs, and have the references and track record which highlights stellar achievement in these fields. We have an educational services division which provides leadership, program management, and systems engineering training.

Customer-Centric Consulting for Nuclear, Systems, and Space Engineering Fields -- Education and Training in Leadership and Management